Size Guide

Please use the following size guides to measure your dog for our products. While you may be able to eyeball a size based on breed, it's always best to measure for accurate results.

Using a soft measuring tape (also known as a sewing or tailors tape), loosely measure the circumference of the required area. If you don't have that type of measuring tape to hand, use a piece of string (or even a belt) and then measure the string/ belt with a tape measure or a ruler.

Add in two fingers width under where the product will sit, so it doesn't fit too tightly. If your dog is on the upper end of the stated measurements, we recommend sizing up.

Notes on measuring for the best fit:

  • Girth refers to the circumference of the widest part of the chest, measured just behind the front legs, as your dog is standing.
  • Sizes in the tables below are listed in order of importance. First girth, then length, neck will take care of itself, but we list it just in case
  • Our jerseys are designed to sit on or just past the hip bones. (About 3cm short of the base of the tail)
Please measure before placing your order. If you need assistance with choosing a size, please contact us on WhatsApp (073 378 7246) or Email: We'll be more than happy to assist.






Size Neck Webbing Width
XS 21cm - 30cm 1.5cm
Small 25cm - 36cm 1.5cm
Medium 33cm - 48cm 2cm
Large 40cm - 62cm 2.5cm



Size Girth Webbing Width
Small 43 - 64cm 1.5cm
Medium 54 - 75cm 2cm
Large 60 - 92cm 2.5cm



Size Girth Webbing Width
Small 43 - 64cm 1.5cm
Medium 54 - 75cm 1.5cm
Large 60 - 92cm 2cm





Our "long" sizes are made for dogs with long bodies. Dachshunds (XS and Small) and Weimaraners/ Ridgebacks (Large and XL).

 Cardi and Coats

Size Girth Back Length Neck diameter
XS 46 - 55cm 29cm 34 - 39cm
Small 59 - 63cm 37cm 36 - 41cm
Medium 63 - 73cm 43cm 46 - 49cm
Large 73 - 81cm 50cm 49 - 55cm
Large (Long) 73 - 81cm 60cm 49 - 55cm
XL 83 - 97cm 58cm 58 - 66cm
XL (Long) 83 - 97cm 68cm 58 - 66cm



Pullover and Parka Puffer

Size Girth Back Length Neck diameter
XXS up to 38cm 22.5cm up to 26cm
XS up to 48cm 27cm up to 30cm
XS Long up to 48cm 35cm up to 30cm
Small up to 52cm 35cm up to 38cm
Small Long up to 52cm 43cm up to 38cm
Medium up to 62cm 41cm up to 45cm
Large up to 68cm 45cm up to 50cm
XL up to 72cm 51cm up to 54cm