5 reasons your dog and cat need a collar ID Tag


Dogs and cats go missing for any number of reasons. Fear, confusion, hunting instinct and boredom are just some of the reasons why dogs wander away from their home and their humans.

Here are five reasons why you need an ID tag for your dog or cat.

1. Natural instincts
Few dogs would resist a neighbourhood sniffari if the garden gate is left open. And while any dog pawrent would never dream of intentionally leaving their gate open, cleaning services, garden services, builders and non-family members are not so careful. It’s estimated that 1 in 3 pets will go missing in their lifetime and without proper ID, many never return home. A dog collar tag will help to ensure your precious BFF* is returned to you, should they get separated from you.

2. An ID tag shows your pet isn’t a stray
Dogs can be spooked while out in public (on a walk or at a restaurant or market) and bolt, even if their pawrent is nearby. Fear will cancel training in many cases and dogs will become confused and often head in the opposite direction of their handler. A dog ID tag will show your pet isn’t a stray, which some people are afraid to handle. An animal with a collar tag shows others that they have a family that cares for them and will encourage potential rescuers to stop and retrieve the pet and contact the owner.

3. Disaster scenario
Natural disasters strike without warning, car accidents and home burglaries happen and hijackings are an unfortunate reality in South Africa. Even a house or veld fire could mean that you can be separated from your pets. Make it easy for someone who finds your pet, to reach you by fitting an ID tag to their collar.

4. ID tags can be fun!
Pet ID tags are reasonably priced for the peace of mind they provide to pet pawrents. Selecting an ID tag is also fun! Deciding on which sassy quote you’ll engrave on your pet’s ID tag can take a while, but we promise it’s worth your time. Remember that the prime function is to communicate your contact details, but adding a bit of personality to the tag, makes it all the more special!

5. Fastest way to get your pet home
While microchipping your pet is essential (it is the only way to conclusively prove ownership of an animal), a pet can only be scanned for a microchip by a vet or animal rescue organisation. A collar tag makes it easy for anyone who has found your dog or cat to get in touch quickly and easily. (NB: Make sure your phone numbers are up to date on the tag!)

Choose one of our practical, slide-on collar ID tags – they’re noiseless and won’t catch on anything, so are perfect for both dogs and cats. All relevant information like name, contact details and even medical conditions can be engraved on the pet ID tag. 

Make sure your pets are protected and purchase your ID tags today! If you have any questions regarding our ID tags, please contact us at hello@lafurmilia.co.za.

*Best Furry Friend

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